Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wow it has been awhile sense i posted anything.. well after Brady graduated for the police academy we moved in with my parents to save money i continued to drive to bountiful for work soon i got tired of driving so i found a job up in Brigham.. on September 4 2010 we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.. Its crazy that ts been that long already well Brady finally got a job in bountiful working at his friends parents pharmacy until he finds some police work.. in October my work through a Halloween party for the families and sense i don't have kids i took my 2 nephews and niece.. Me and my brother decided we wanted to carve pumpkins this year so we did they turned out pretty good.. well Christmas came along and we got a place in south Ogden and moved in a week before Christmas.. here are some pictures from Halloween and Christmas day..

My brothers pumkin

My Pumkins

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